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Kyle Hines heartwarming letter: Greece is more than a country

From a hotel room thousands miles away from Greece,  professional basketball player Kyle Terrel Hines shared his thoughts about a country, that has been devastated by the wildfires killing dozens of people.

Hines wrote a heartwarming letter sharing his thought and feelings the moment he saw East Attica on fire.

He put down words about his bond and admiration for the country, the power of Greece and the Greeks.

The letter was posted on sportraits.org has the title “More than a country”!

I was in a Hotel room more than 4000 miles away from Greece. I’m not Greek and haven’t played for a Greek team in more than 5 years. But the connection I have with the country of Greece and then it’s people is undeniable. It’s tough to explain why or put in words the bond and admiration I have for Greece. I guess in life, some connections are relationship are unexplainable, they just exist.

As I sat in this hotel room, I was watching CNN daily morning news program. As I was watching, the mood of the news program starts to shift, I read the headline, “Wildfires in Greece,” I come closer to the TV and turn up the volume. CNN began to show the images and videos of fires. I was in shock and awe watching all the devastation and destruction. They started to interview survivors, and as they gave their first-hand accounts of what had happened, many of them in tears and covered in smoke and fire debris, a slew of different emotions came over me. I looked at my wife, and we couldn’t believe what we were watching and hearing. Stories of families seeking refuge in the sea for hours trying to escape the fires, people who got lost from other family members and friends who are still currently missing, parents missing children and children missing parents. It was all too heartbreaking to bear.

Throughout that day, it was difficult for me to think about anything other than these images and videos I had watched earlier in the day. I was supposed to be on holidays with my wife, celebrating our anniversary, but I couldn’t enjoy it. Thoughts in my mind kept going to back to the victims and their families. I watched on social media and talked to one of my friends who lives close to Mati. They sent me videos, showing the aftermath and how the whole town was destructed. They told me that they have never witnessed anything like this before. The emotions I felt, was like I was watching a family member or close friend go through these tragic events. sportraits.org

31-tear-old Kyle Hines in an American professional basketball player. He plays for CSKA Moscow of the VTB United League.

In July 2011, Hines signed with Olympiacos of the Greek Basket League. With Olympiacos, he won the EuroLeague championships in 2012 and 2013, and the Greek League championship in 2012. On June 24, 2013, Hines opted out of his contract with Olympiacos and moved to CSKA Moscow.

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