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Adam Catsavelos triggers huge outrage in South Africa with racist comments

As if we did not have enough racists at home, now we also import some. A Diaspora Greek from South Africa triggered a huge outrage due to his racist comments. In a video that has gone viral, entrepreneur Adam Catsavelos is heard boasting about being on a Greek beach without a single black person in sight.

Hardly had he uploaded his video and Adam Catsavelos who described himself as ‘self-made entrepreneur’ got in big trouble.

His relatives dismissed him from the family business, restaurant St George’s Fine Foods of Johannesburg, with immediate effect. The restaurant was founded by Catsavelos’ father.

After suppliers called for boycott, the family business had to issue a statement to announce the dismissal of the racist son.

Famous Nike announced that it was cooperating with Adman Katzavelos. However, internet users posted on social media that his wife was working at Nike.

Local bank Nedbank announced it has nothing to do with him although it ‘helped him run his business in 2014.

A radio station denounced any relationship with the family business and said it took down the business website.

Even the colleague where his sons study declared him as “persona non-grata.”

The Federation of Greek Communities and Societies distanced itself from the racist comments.

The organization Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) filed a criminal complaint against the businessman and given police a deadline expiring at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday to arrest him.

“We’ve given them everything, we’ve given them evidence. We’ve given them the guy’s address and we’ve even given them his ID number. There’s nothing for them to do, they must go and arrest,” the EFF said.

The organization’s EFF’s Mandisa Mashego has called on South Africans to boycott businesses owned by racist people.

“His company has forced him to resign; we don’t care. They can do whatever they want to help make themselves feel better.”

Another local organization, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation has commended the quick call to action by the South African public for the racist remarks made Catzavelos.

The foundation’s Zaakirah Vadi says: “I think we should be applauding the public for taking this matter for calling out racism.

“We must ensure that racists who are still blatantly and arrogantly racist are made to pay.”

Some internet users called for violent actions against the family business, that remained closed on Thursday.

And some local newspaper borught him to front page.

Adam Catsavelos is reportedly expected to be arrested for hate speech as soon as he lands in Johannesburg.

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