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Adam Catsavelos triggers huge outrage in South Africa with racist comments

As if we did not have enough racists at home, now we also import some. A Diaspora Greek from South Africa triggered a huge outrage due to his racist comments. In a video that has gone viral, entrepreneur Adam Catsavelos is heard boasting about being on a Greek beach without …

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CCTV captures brutal racist attack against Pakistani national in Athens

A brutal racists attack with a group of young people against a 36-year-old man from Pakistan took place in Peristeri suburb of West Athens on Sunday night. The victim said, the attackers, some 10 people,  approached him and started to beat him for no reason. According to his complaint to …

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UPD Racist graffiti sprayed on Orthodox church wall in Istanbul

Racist graffiti has been written on the wall of the Armenian Surp Takavor Church in Istanbul’s Kadıköy district, weekly newspaper Agos has reported. Graffiti reading “This homeland is ours” was inscribed on the wall and a pile of trash was also dumped in front of the church’s door. Upon examination …

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League for Human Rights expresses “dismay” over the racists attacks on Lesvos”

The Hellenic League for Human Rights condemns the racist violent attacks against refugees and migrants on the island of Lesvos on Sunday.  Expressing its particular concern, the HLHR said in a statement issued on Monday,  the attacks ’cause dismay’, the ‘no arrests of perpetrators pose serious questions and requite further …

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Greek academic at UCL in racist rant against Antetokounmpo

A Greek academic local media describe as “professor” caused a social media outcry after describing National Basketball Association (NBA) sensation Giannis Antetokounmpo as “a black guy pretending to be Greek.” The man is reportedly employed at the University College of London. Evangelos Markopoulos made his comment on Facebook in a …

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Awarded poet Kiki Dimoula on the …xenophobic bench

Many Greeks were stunned to hear poet Kiki Dimoula sitting on the xenophobic bench. Speaking at an event organized by movement Atenistas, Kiki Dimoula let the public know “I can’t stand migrants in Kypseli. They occupy all benches.” Dimoula reportedly also said “I am afraid to come out of home, because they steal”. …

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