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Skydra: Priest in racist rant urges locals to take “rifles” against refugees

Residents of Skydra in West Macedonia has threatened to take “the guns” should refugees and migrants settle their area as the government plans in order to decongest the overcrowded islands.

They will “take the law in their hands and defend themselves and their families with rifles,” they say, claiming that they fear for their lives.

Local newspaper filmed the meeting of the town council last Saturday and what was said was shocking.

An elderly priest in racist rant is stirring the local community against refugees and migrants and urges them to take up the arms against them.

Priest Antonios said that “the Koran is fascist,” and that Muslims can never see a Christian as a brother “unless they make me a Muslim.” He told the residents that in order to protect themselves from the “illegal immigrants”, they should not even hesitate to take up the arms!

“We must think of everything. He who is hungry will steal. And when he comes into the neighbor’s field to steal, he who steals will go and beat him. But the point is, is the one who beat the thief to blame…?  We can’t accept people next to us but because we can’t take care of them…, ” priest Atnonios said.

One of the community members asks the priest “Suppose they come and break windows, they rape, the rape in quotations marks… What do we do in this case?We need to take out the rifles…”

The priest responds “Unfortunately, if we won’t be heard we’ll reach the point to look unrightful in the right!”

Antonios said that they are neither refugees nor migrants but “illegal migrants.”

The footage was shown on all state and private television channels on Friday and uploaded by many news websites. But it was later taken down from youtube and the account was terminated.

A resident of Skydra told ANT1 TV

“I have said that we will take our rifles if we need to defend our families, this will be our defense. I said the truth, every Greek citizen would do the same if he was disturbed by something. If some illegal immigrant annoys my family, my neighbor’s family, if there are damages or attacks, it is very logical to get there. it makes sense to get there, ”the resident told ANT1.

The Deputy mayor of Skydra said that the mayor fights for the rights of her fellow citizens and her land. In this place we cannot accept fait a compli situations that violate the rights of our fellow citizens.” He stressed that the former military camp in their area has been found as “not suitable” several times.”

Friday morning, the priest publicly apologized for what he said about the Koran. – He was most likely threatened by the local church leadership with disciplinary measures.

However, residents of Skydra stick to their opposition for the arrival of refugees and migrants. During a live interview they against referred to “rifles” and shouted they should “get out of here.”

And you know what? the Interior Minister told the mayor that no refugees will be settled in their area if the local community does not want to.

Worth recalling that in March 2016, at the peak of the Migration crisis, locals of Skydra threw pig heads at the abandoned military camp in order to “pollute” it so that no Muslims would dare settle there.

PS Some Greek communities are not only culturally blind and ignorant in their small world, they do not even care to show solidarity with their Greek fellowmen on the islands who have been bearing the burden of Migration for much too long.

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