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National Guard on Lesvos fired for racist post, threats against refugees

A member of the National Guard on the island of Lesvos was dismissed after posting on social media that he was longing to fire against refugees and migrants.

The lieutenant general of the Military Body responsible for the National Guard Battalion dismissed the man early Monday morning just hours after the post on social media that triggered an outrage.

Sunday afternoon, the man was asked to hand over his weapon to the Battalion he belonged to for reasons of “disobedience and security.”

At the same time, prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation against the man. The investigation is independent from  his -now former- position at the National Guard.

The racist uploaded an older picture of him, armed, in the military shooting range of Kara Tepe, where authorities have set up over the weekend a provisional camp for the stranded refugees and migrants after the Moria fire.

“Here I am at the shooting range where they set up tents… looking forward when we’ll shoot again, this time at natural moving targets,” he wrote.

According to local media stonisi, the man from Kalloni, Lesvos, is also member of the Community Council.

He has reportedly deleted his account on social media.

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One comment

  1. Is this man the only fascist in the National guard and the Greek Army?
    Who gave the order to fire teargas on unarmed refugees (woman, children, vulnerable persons) who survived the fire and catastrophic „concentration camp“ of Moria?

    Does the Greek Government not understand that these people are NOT enemies and should not be prisoners?
    Have the Greek Politicians never heard or learned about „universal and European rights of man“? The Geneva convention for refugees?
    Where has all the money gone to organize the migration process, which Greek governments received from the EU?
    So many questions, never answered!

    It seems that Greece is only able to be larmoyant against the provocations from Turkey and claims against EU.
    But Greece acts extremely brutal against refugees and asylum seekers.

    Would anyone of us – bourgeois citizens – survive in this inhuman conditions which Moria „offered“ for years ? Why should the refugees show respect to the Greek Government who forces them to live under this conditions like Moria and other camps. And has nothing to offer after the fire than a new and worse camp…
    Ofcourse its not the shame on Greece alone, but all the European Union. But Greek Governments did not want or haven’t be able to organize human and decent conditions!