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Cargo vessel ARSLANBEY runs aground next to sun beds and umbrellas (video)

It was just before Tuesday midnight, when the cargo vessel named ARSLANBEY run aground  on a sandy beach next to sun beds and umbrellas in the north coast of Evia.

The vessel with a Turkish name under Panama flag was empty of cargo and was returning to Istanbul,  after having unloaded grain in Amaliapolis, Magnisia prefecture.

“The 14-member crew, 8 Azerbaijani nationals (among them the captain), 4 Ukrainian and 2 Turkish nationals are good at their health,”Chief of Port Authority of Edipsos Sotiris Danikas told local media.

There is no pollution of the sea area and there is no risk of sinking due to incoming water,” he added.

The ARSLANBEY is not allow to depart and continue its schedule even if it is detached, as investigation for a safe passage has to be concluded first.

Once it is detached, all necessary checks will be made in order to give green light for the departure, the Port Authority chief said stressing that the causes of the accident are under investigation.

Divers have been conducted underwater checks, did not find any rift.

As the vessel cannot be detached by its own power, the shipping company has assigned a private company, tug boats from Volos and Piraeus are expected to arrive in the area soon.

According to exclusive information of local istiaianews, “the captain and the crew have undergone essential examinations,  no use of alcohol or other substances have been detected.: This was said on Wednesday. On Thursday, some Greek media claimed the Azerbaijani captain was found to have consumed a large portion of alcohol.

Residents of Kanatadika where the vessel was grounded and the broader area of Istiaia in North Evia have been flocking to the beach for and shoot pictures of the unprecedented incident.

And, of course, everybody is wondering: how could this happen.

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