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Youth unemployment in Greece falls below 40% for the first time in years

For the first time in years, youth unemployment fell below 40 percent, the Greek Statistics Authority ELSTAT said on Thursday. In its monthly report, ELSTAT said that unemployment rate among young people aged up to 24 years old fell to 39.1 percent in June 2018.

One should note that the age group 15-24 still suffers from the highest unemployment rate in the country. In should be recalled thought in the first years of the economic crisis the youth unemployment rate was above 50 percent.

At the same time, to question are the labor conditions and the wages young Greeks receive.

Although currently no statistics, one just have to look around to see young people working in bars, cafes and restaurants in service and as delivery boys.

If they are lucky to be hired for full time jobs, the wage they receive is 510 euros gross per month, around 400 net. For part-time jobs they earn some 200 euros and are often not registered at the social security agencies.

It should also be stressed that the month of June opens job vacations in the tourism sector and many people find themselves again at the queues of the employment Agency as of October.

 According to news agency amna, the general unemployment in Greece fell to 19.1 pct of the workforce in June, from a downwardly revised 19.3 pct in May and 21.3 pct in June last year

the number of unemployed people totaled 909,258, down 112,401 compared with June 2017 (a decline of 11 pct) and down 12,624 compared with May 2018 (a decline of 1.4 pct).

The number of employed people was 3,863,337 in June, up 2.2 pct from June 2017 and up 0.5 pct from May 2018.

 The number of people out of work was 3,203,945, down 0.2 pct compared with June 2017 and down 0.3 pct from May 2018.

 The unemployment rate among women was 23.8 pct in June from 25.5 pct in June 2017, while among men was 15.3 pct from 17.9 pct, respectively.

The 15-24 age group recorded the highest unemployment rate (39.1 pct in June from 43.4 pct in June 2017), followed by the 25-34 age group (23.2 pct from 27.3 pct), the 35-44 age group (17.6 pct from 19 pct), the 45-54 age group (16.1 pct from 16.8 pct), the 55-64 age group (15.1 pct from 17.1 pct) and the 65-74 age group (10.1 pct from 12.6 pct).

Among the country’s regions, Epirus-Western Macedonia recorded the highest unemployment rate (24.4 pct from 27 pct in June last year), followed by Macedonia-Thrace (19.6 pct from 22.4 pct), Attica (19.4 pct from 21.3 pct), Thessaly-Central Greece (19.3 pct from 20.3 pct), Peloponnese-Western Greece-Ionian Islands (18.5 pct from 21.2 pct) and Aegean (17.9 pct from 18.1 pct) and Crete (12.2 pct from 17.3 pct), Athens news agency amna said in a report.


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