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Fake Priests conduct more than 50 invalid weddings in Attica region

Fake priests have conducted more than 50 religious weddings during a period of ten years in a specific wedding venue in Attica. Couples that got married in a wedding venue in Varypompi in Attica need to validate their holy bond through the judicial way.

The case was discovered when some couples decided to go separate ways and had to find out that they were not even properly married in the eyes of God.

The couples had registered their marriage at the relevant municipalities. However, according to the Church they were not married at all.

The three priests who conducted these weddings were not members of the official Greek Orthodox Church. One of them was even dismissed from his duties after being charged for fraud.

“The problem is referring to more than 50 weddings conducted before 2010,” the Metropolitan Bishop of the area Athinagoras told newspaper Eleftheros Tipos.

The Bishop took office in 2010 and changed the regulations because several priests were coming from other Metropolis and that was not right, as he said.

The couples that fell victims to the fake priests will need to validate their marriages through the judicial way so that they can be untied in front of the eyes of the state and the Church.

There has been no statement by the wedding venue and it is not clear whether the fake priests were active in more fake ceremonies also in other areas.

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