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Greece’s tax inspectors learn in self-defense classes to deal with furious tax evaders

Combating tax evasion can be very challenging not only mentally but also physically. Tax inspectors in Greece have not only to think out tricks to trap tax evaders and expose their illegal profits.

Much too often they have to deal also with angry offenders who would not be satisfied to shoot just some verbal threats.

Sometimes tax evaders get so furious, lose control and go with physical violence against the defenders of the taxes and the state revenues.


Last summer on the island of Lefkada, an angry pastry shop owner poured pancake batter over a tax inspector.

In Volos, a businessman fired in the air and threatened two male and one female auditors to “get a saber” while they are confirming a fine for tax evasion.

On the island of Patmos, another furious businessman beat two inspectors before they had even started any audit in his shop.

Since Greece decided to go serious after the tax evasion problem, lessons for self-defense are offered to tax inspectors.

“We cannot turn 45- or 50-year-old people into Rambos but we teach them how to deal with the situations, to boost their self-confidence.”

Charalambos Kaltsidis is a Federation coach in Wrestling. He has been training tax inspectors for the last four years.

“We teach them how to behave, they have to be prepared for all kinds of situations,” Kaltsidis told state broadcaster ERT on Thursday.

“Tax inspectors cannot offer resistance or strike back,” but they can learn how to fall in case of attack.

It is not allowed that tax inspectors hit back, “then an internal investigation will be launched” with unpredictable outcome.

“If something happens [like an attack], tax inspectors should immediately leave the place and call the police,” the coach advised.

The lessons offer self-defense and physical training with the aim to make no rambos but better people who are confident to fulfill theier tasks and duties .

The majority of participants are women.

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