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Medicane Zorbas floods homes and businesses in Peloponnese (videos)

Homes and businesses located in the path of Medicane Zorbas stand under water in towns and villages of Peloponnese as the Mediterranean cyclone is sweeping across Greece. Unprecedented volumes of water poured down in short times and brought rivers and streams to swell, swept away vehicles, turned streets into rivers and lakes. Floods are mainly recorded in the Prefectures of Argos and Corinth, in East and North Peloponnese.

Rushing river waters sweep away a vehicle in Argos. Driver was not in the car.

Floods and landslides have halted traffic in main national roads.

The Municpality of Argos-Mykines are to be declared in state of emergency on Saturday evening due to extensive damages. Regional Governmor Petros Tatoulis said that he will ask that all flooded areas in Peloponnese will be declared in state of emergency.

Traffic of highway Patras – Corinth was reportedly halted near Xylokastro (105th km) late on Saturday due to big quantities of mud on the lane to Athens.

Traffic was halted also on Corinth-Kalamata national road due to flooding and landslides. There are reportedly motorists trapped in their cars in Nestani tunnel.

Short before 10 p.m.Saturday also the Athens-corinth highway in the area of Kakia Skala was closed to traffic.

Traffic of Proastiakos train was halted between Corinth and Kiato, passengers are being transferred to their destinations by buses provided by Trainose.

Homes along the north coast of Corinth have been flooded. We have calls for help by at least 100 people, Xylokastro mayor Ilias Andrikopoulos told amna,  adding that the torrential rains have caused also damage to the infrastructure.

In a dramatic appeal the mayor of Argos-Mykines urged citizens via Alpha TV prime time news on Saturday evening to abandon their homes along the river and the coast in Nea Kios by Nafplio and move to a municipality hotel in a safe area.

A missing man was located well and safe short after 8 o’ clock in the evening.

River Xerias or Inahos and two more rivers have swollen and flooded the settlement.

According to latest media reports,  the Fire Brigades are calling on citizens to leave their homes and move to higher spots.

10 people were evacuated form flooded homes and brought to safety.

It is not clear as this post is written whether authorities prepare an organized evacuation.

Police directorate in Peloponnese has urged motorists to avoid driving into nearby Argos due to the huge volume of water in the area.

At least 25 homes have been flooded in Argos.

Power outage occurred in Nafplio short after 8 o’ clock on Saturday evening.

Floods in Kiato

All you need to know about Medicane Zorbas and Civil Protection advises during cyclone.

If you plan to travel by car or by sea, check with local authorities, traffic policer and police as the situation and conditions change unexpectedly.

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  1. Anyone who buys a house right near the sea today anywhere in the world (!) is either crazy or has not been paying attention to all the numerous indications of abrupt climate change that are appearing everywhere. Your children will never inherit it (unless maybe they are scuba divers). Want a vacation home? Consider the Pindos Mountains. Things are changing exponentially and people have a hard time understanding this. Sea level may rise by several meters in the coming years. I am very sorry to see Greece now paying a heavy price for this climate change, especially after being sacked by the immoral bankster mafia. Truly heroic people (except for the politicians, of course).