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Air raid sirens drill across Greece on Tuesday, Oct 9

Air raid sirens will sound across Greece on Tuesday, October 9th 2018.

In a statement The Greek Police reassures citizens that there is no reason of concern and explains the drill as follows:

The sirens will sound:

  • at 11:00 a.m. for 60 seconds with interrupting sound of different volume.
  • at 11:05 a.m. they will signal the end of the alert with continuous sound of same volume also for 60 seconds.

Video: Air raid sirens drill Thessaloniki Oct 2016

The drill on Tuesday is part of the large scale military and civil defense exercise Parmenion 2018 that started last Friday, Oct 5 and will last until Oct 12.

According to the Greek General Staff announcement the main aims of the exercise are :

To examine and address the conditions created by international developments in the vicinity and wider surroundings of the country.

To implement procedures for the administration and control of the armed forces and improve the level of control and running of operations.

To train military staff in planning and conducting interbranch operations, as well as maintaining and promoting their battle readiness in the battlefield.

The implementation of a crisis management system and national alert system and testing of Civil Defence and Civilian Emergency Planning services organisation and operation plans and finally the active participation and operational training of the national guard military reserves. 

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