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Ceiling collapses in public hospital in Piraeus, injures one woman

Pieces of the ceiling in a room of a public hospital in Piraeus have reportedly collapsed injuring one woman.

According to workers’ union at Greece’s Public Hospitals POEDIN, the ceiling collapsed Thursday midnight and injured the mother of a patient scheduled to be operated Friday morning.

The accident took place in the Orthopedics Clinic of the General State Hospital in Nikaia, Piraeus, one of the biggest public hospitals in Attica.

“The situation in most public hospitals is known to be tragic, due to lack of maintenance and unfortunately it doesn’t’ improve,” POEDIN said in a statement.

POEDIN speaks of “third world conditions” in the country’s public hospitals.

According to the union, the woman was “seriously injured.”

Private ANT1 TV reported Friday noon, that the accident took place at 5 a.m. and that the woman is “slightly injured.” She is hospitalized for precaution reasons as she was injured on the head.

“The woman was sleeping on a chair next to the bed, when the ceiling came down. She thought a very strong earthquake had occurred,” ANT1 reported.

A chief doctor working at the Nikaia hospital posted on Twitter that there have been “no maintenance works in the last 20 years.”

According to media, the last serious maintenance took place in 2002.

So far, there has been no official reaction on the incident neither by the hospital management nor by the Health Ministry.

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