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Do My Tama: Greek-Orthodox e-shop for oblations to Saints from afar

Technology in the service of Greek Orthodoxy. This must be the ideal e-shop for the Greek Orthodox Christians around the world. Startup Do My Tama offers the possibility that they fulfill their oblation to a saint even if they are far away.

Using a user-friendly interface, the Greek Orthodox Christian can choose a church or a monastery dedicated to a specific saint and order his or her offering: a candle, a prosforo* or a silver oblation.

One of the 70 members of the start up across Greece will look to fulfill the order and send a feedback including a picture if required.

The ordered oblations carry a tag with the name of the customer.

“We help the Orthodox Christians of the world to fulfill their oblation in Greece,” the Do My Tama founders write on the website.

“The Do My Tama team is not just relatives, friends or acquaintances, but “members of one another”. They are Members of the One Catholic and Apostolic Church, members of the Orthodox Christian world. With the Love that our Christ taught us, we pray with you too, for the fulfillment of your tama, whatever that may be, such as treating an illness, a professional problem or the desire for a childbirth – pregnancy in any church, monastery or a miraculous Icon that you desire in the Greek region.”

The prices for the oblations service are anything than cheap, except for “commemoration service” that is reading the names of deceased beloved ones, that is free of charge.

The founders note that part of the money goes to a non-governmental charity organization of the customer’s choice.

“Love and hope are the basic values ​​that keep the flame of Orthodoxy lit. Do My Tama team lives and works with the primary goal of never turning off this flame. The flame of your own candle,” write Maria Psyridi, founding member of the e-shop what operates both in Greek and English.


is a small loaf of leavened bread with a special seal offered at the Divine Liturgy.

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