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Civil Servants in Greece launch 24-hour strike, Nov 14/2018

Public sector union ADEDY will launch a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, November 14th 2018. The planned protest rally to the Greek Parliament will disrupt traffic in downtown Athens.

The union demands pay raise as well as increase of pensions. Both have been reduced several times since the bailout agreements in 2010. The union also demands to cancel the so-called Katrougalos Law that sharply reduces pensions for new retirees.

The long list of ADEDY demands included not only austerity measures that affect the civil servants sector only. The union demands also the abolition of unified property tax ENFIA.

The strike affects the operation of schools, municipalities and all state services.

The protest rally to the Parliament is scheduled to start short after 11 o’ clock Wednesday morning.

Protesters will gather at Klafthmonos Square in downtown Athens.

The rally will disturb traffic in downtown Athens.

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  1. Have any of these 24 hour strikes really changed ANYTHING in the plans/program for Greece by the Troika, EU, ECB, IMF, Banksters, etc? I doubt any of those useless “leaders” have suffered even one hour from all the strikes and demonstrations. These are just another daily annoyance and frustration for the public who get it from both sides.