Thursday , April 18 2019
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Protesting teachers clash with Greek police, get tear gassed

Riot police fired tear gas at striking teachers attempting to raid the Greek Parliament on Thursday. Holding sticks with red flags, members of the communist union first tried to reach the parliament building through the stairs of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.

When their attempts failed, they tried to enter the building through the parking plot. They clashed with riot police when they tried to break the police cordon.

In both cases, protesters were tear gassed.

Thousands of teachers took to the streets on Thursday to protest the government process to hire new staff to the country’s public schools.

The government has pledged to hire 15,000 teachers over the next three years. However, teachers’ unions are angry at the selection process claiming it is unfair against some candidates.

The new hiring process grands 50% of the points each candidate has to collect for diploma and work experience, while the rest 50% refers to PhD title and additional diplomas, participation in seminars etc.

The unions call on teachers to continue their protests until the government withdraws the law.

The strike on Thursday was joined also by Public sector union ADEDY that declared a 24-hour strike as well as by the unions of contract staff in public health and public hospital workers who demand similar law modifications for hiring staff in the public sector.

PS the point system for hiring in Greece’s public sector has been a joke for decades. For example, a teacher candidate or any candidate receives more points even if the diploma title PhD is irrelevant to the position, is parent of more than 3 children and other weird criteria.

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