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Video from inside plane after turbulence on flight to Chania

Turbulence during the flight from Athens to Chania. Passengers seem cool, despite the strong trembling. Are they afraid? Most likely…. For almost two hours the pilot of Flight 344 of Olympic Air was struggling against powerful winds and rain. He had left the Athens airport for Chania, Crete, where he was supposed to land at 10 o’clock at night.

Despite the rough weather conditions, he tried again and again to bring the passengers to their destination in safety. In vain.

He returned to Athens airport where he landed the plane in safety.

The airline transferred the passengers to a hotel where they spent the night.

OA Flight 344 was one of the several flights that did not manage to land at Chania airport due to the weather conditions on Wednesday evening. Some flights landed in another airport on the island, some had delays.

The video obtained by local media flashnews shows the turbulence from inside the plane and the failed pilot’s attempt to land the aircraft in Chania. The video was shot by passenger Nikos Reizakis.

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