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Extreme Weather Warning for Crete, Cyclades, Dodecanese

Ferries remain docked at the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio on Sunday, February 24th 2019, as powerful winds are blowing with intensity of 8-9 Beaufort and locally up to 10 B. Barometric low “Okeanis” has moved in the South of Greece, and meteorologists warn of extreme weather phenomena in the island groups of Cyclades and the Dodecanese as well as Crete.

So far, more than 6,000 thunders fell in the South Aegean Sea on Sunday.

Website of the National Observatory in Athens warns of extreme weather phenomena in the South Aegean Sea as of Sunday afternoon, with powerful rainfalls and thunderstorms and heavy snowfall on the mountainous areas of Crete. The bad weather is forecast to last until Monday afternoon, Feb 25.

It is mainly the West part of Crete that will be hit by the extreme weather phenomena, the site warns.

No sea traffic is allowed also Rio-Antirio, Volos-Sporades, Kyllini – Zakynthos & Kefalonia, Prinos-Thassos, Alexandroupoli – Samothraki.
























































  • Sea travelers are advised to contact local port authorities and travel agents.

Video: Coast Guard boat 511 meeting Okeanis

Low Okeanis has been sweeping across the country since Thursday with causing problems in the sea- and air-traffic as well as in the land network.

In Hania, Pilion, Central Greece, snow reached a height of 2 meters.

Powerful winds have brought down trees and power columns causing power outages.

Waterspout off East Pilio -by Dimitris Christofidis

In Attica alone, from 6 pm Saturday to 6 am Sunday, the Fire Service received more than 130 calls to cut or remove trees and another 94 calls to remove signs or other items that fell on cars and the streets.

  • Maximum wind gusts were recorded in Paximada, Karystos: 124 km/h

In the rest of Greece, the Fire Service received 136 calls in the last 24 hours, in order to remove trees and other items, or to help the transfer of patients to hospitals for dialysis.

The Fire Service rescued two families trapped in the snow on the mountain of Parnitha, and two persons snowed-in on the mountain of Ainos on the island of Kefalonia.

In several regions of Greece schools will remain closed on Monday. Schools remain closed also in some suburbs in the Athens North.

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