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Waterspout “collides” with Kefalonia ferry in Ionian Sea (videos)

The captain, the crew and the passengers could not believe their eyes, when they realized a waterspout was about the unload over the ferry sailing in the Ionian Sea.

Ship Fioro di Levante was sailing from Kyllini, West Peloponnese, to the island of Kefalonia on Saturday afternoon, when it “collided” with the water spout.

Tones of water and hail were unloaded on the ferry and the volume was so big that the waters entered also the living room where the passengers were sitting.

Nobody was harmed and no passenger or crew member suffered any injury, reports.

Passengers told local media, that “these few minutes were the most scary in their entire life.”

The ferry survived the waterspout unharmed and Captain Stafenos Marinos continued the journey to the safety of port of Poros.

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