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Spectacular temperature drop of up to 19°C in Northern Greece

A spectacular temperature drop from up to 19 degrees Celsius has been recorded in northern Greece, and specifically in West Macedonia in the last 24 hours.

While temperature reached 20.6°C on Monday noon, the thermometer showed 1.9°C at 13:30 Tuesday noon. Three hours later, strong winds started to blow and snow to fall.

The drop was even bigger in Florina, also West Macedonia that recorded 22.5°C on Monday and 1°C on Tuesday.

Automatic meteorological stations of the National Observatory in Athens recorded big temperature gaps in the last 24 hours, such as in

Ptolemaidia: from 20C Monday → 2.7C Tuesday

Kilkis: 22C → 8.7C

Serres: 23.4C → 9.3C

the lowest temperature recorded on Tuesday was -4 C in Metsovo, Epirus, and -3 C in Fokida Mountains, Sterea.

Meteorologists had warned that after the high temperatures and bright sunshine over the weekend, a bad weather front coming from North-West would sweep across Greece with heavy rainfalls and storms, snow and powerful winds up to 10 Beaufort.

Please, note that sea traffic is disrupted when winds are blowing with intensity above 9 Beaufort. Contact local port authorities and travel agents.

More details about the Weather Forecast and which areas are affected on March 12-13 here.

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