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Last inhabitant of Cretan village abandoned long ago dies at 80

The last resident of a village abandoned long ago was found dead in his home on Friday morning. The 80-year-old man refused to move away from the place he was born and grew up. All other inhabitants had abandoned the mountainous settlement Perivolakia in Sitia on the island of Crete, and created a new one, the Kato Perivolakia.

The man’s body was found by the social services of Sitia, who were looking after him, as he was insisting to live in the village and to not move to a facility for elderly.

According to information reported by local media cretapost, it looks as if the man died of pathological causes, an autopsy to be conducted.

Nevertheless, police went to inspect the site. In a storeroom next to the elder’s home they found three grenades from the WWII. A not rare funding as many grenades of the war have been found in several regions of Greece and especially in the mountainous areas of Crete.

The grenades were handed out to the special division of police for destruction.

Citing the mayor of Sitia, locla media report that majority of the former residents have sold their stone houses to a company.

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