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Tragedy in Athens: Mother throws child from 5th floor, jumps behind

A pair of child shoes, a few flowers, a couple of candles… Still in shock residents of Neos Kosmos paid a small tribute to the 4.5-year-old girl that was thrown down from the 5th floor of an apartment building by her own mother.

24 hours after the tragedy in a popular district of Athens, police still investigates the motive of the 40-year-old mother who pushed her child to death and jumped down herself.

It was Tuesday noon, when a passerby saw the mother holding the body of a little girl outside the balcony and heard the child’s screams. The passerby tried to stop the mother but she did not managed. The body of the little girl landed next to her and her two own children.

The father of the family had just arrived at home to find out that his wife had locked him outside. The 40-year-old man told police that the couple had no arguments, and the wife had no signs of psychological problems. She could isolate herself occasionally but there was no sign she had such intentions.

On Tuesday noon, everything seemed apparently “normal” and he had exchanged sms with his wife as usual before coming home.

When he arrived home he had to witness the murder of his own child by his own wife.

The girl was still alive when the ambulance transferred it to the hospital, but despite the doctors’ efforts, she did not make it.

Little Efi will never get in the shoes a neighbor left outside her home to run away from death, towards a life she will never live.

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