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Firefighters and volunteers struggle against wildfire on Lesvos

Fire fighters and volunteers from neighboring areas are struggling to take the wildfire of a pine forest on the island of Lesvos under control. The work to extinguish the fire is proven to be  difficult due to the powerful north-east winds blowing in the area. Furthermore, the blaze burns down a thick pine forest where firefighters do no have easy access.

The fire broke out in Sinta area of Palaiohori by Plomari in the south of the island late Friday afternoon and continues until late in the night.

Authorities consider the wildfire as “serious” due to the strong winds.

However, the wind direction pushes the wildfire towards the shores and away from villages and other residential areas.

The blaze was taken under control on Saturday noon. An area of estimated 10 hectares of forest was burned down.

local sources: lesvosnews.net, lesvosnews.gr


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