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US citizen dies during rock climbing at the Crash of the Titans

A 40-year-old US citizen died in what it seems an accident during a climbing tour in Leonidio, Arcadia, Peloponnese.

According to local media, it was around 1 o’ clock Sunday noon, when the man fell from a height of several meters while he was climbing the rock known as the Crash of the Titans.

He died on the spot.

Two vehicles of the fire brigade, police, ambulance and volunteers rushed to the area but they could only retrieve the body.

The body was transferred to the morgue of Corinth, an autopsy is to be conducted.

Authorities investigate the equipment of the US climber.

The Crash of the Titans is a twin caves area with stunning geological formations and dozens of crags famous among rock climbers.

In another hiking accident, firemen retrieved the body of a 39-year-old Greek who fell in a gorge of the mountain Tyrfi in northwestern Greece. The man, a police officer and father of four, was hiking together with two friends on Saturday, the day of his birthday.

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