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Tsipras: Brexit shows flaw of “nationalistic” policies and “chauvinistic rhetoric”

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the UK’s Brexit deadlock illustrates the flaws of a “nationalistic approach” and “chauvinist rhetoric” in addressing a country’s political, economic and social problems.

“Brexit was a very bad development for Europe, and very bad for Britain as well,” Mr Tsipras said in an interview in Athens with the Financial Times.

“Whatever we are watching now is the result of a chauvinist rhetoric that promised a breakthrough with a nationalistic approach, not with finding collective solutions.”

He said Greece had learnt from hard experience that it was in the national interest to stay in the eurozone and EU.

“If the UK, which is a very significant power, has so many difficulties in finding a way forward for Brexit, then just imagine, what about Greece?” said Mr Tsipras. “The developments with Brexit prove that this path, the nationalistic path, is not a path that offers an easy way for a breakthrough in solving real problems.” Mr Tsipras also sounded the alarm about anti-EU and rightwing populist political movements across Europe, saying the EU was struggling to make a convincing case to voters ahead of next month’s European Parliament elections.

Accounting for the electoral appeal of these forces, he said: “It has to do with the current austerity policies and with the face of Europe, which is not so attractive for European citizens. The EU seems to be not so democratic, not so friendly to people’s needs.”

However, he said it was too soon to write off progressive leftist parties, which he contended were making a comeback in countries such as Denmark, Finland and Spain.

If the UK takes its seats in the European Parliament alongside the EU’s other 27 countries, the Labour party stands a good chance of being the UK’s largest party, he noted.

“I think the game is still open in Europe. Even if currently there is an impression that the conservative right and the extreme rightwing have better results, I think this is something that will not last for ever,” said Mr Tsipras. Full interview in financial times.

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  1. You can almost smell the tulips, sharing a common media narratives.

    I was back in the UK sometime ago ….. Leicester, Derby, Bradford and the north bumping into and the “know-nothing movement of loud mouths and closed minds” …”It is as if the sewers have burst” — Nick Cohen (the Guardian).

    Had some difficulty telling Southern Asian leavers they were far-right white racists… (they were afraid of what they see in Europe, plus they have connections to countries of origin). And as people know here, we all know the benefits of Siemens (it lives also in Derby)

    OK lets cherry-pick London, which is remain. Well-off, mainly white wards (Chiswick) were heavily Remain. Whereas a Non white-majority, relatively affluent, well-educated with a noticeable South Asian presence ward (Osterley and Spring Grove) ) voted 63.4% Leave.

    Its the failure economic policies all across Europe and political parties, aiding and abetting the transfer of bad debts on their own populations …. just like Mr Tspias does everytime he celebrates a positive primary surplus as victory and not as a defeat

  2. The mess of Brexit is due to greed on all sides. False promises of large amounts of money to be gained by exiting EU, ignorance of financial benefits and benefits other than euros & cents, corrupt politicians, self seeking MPs whose jobs are more important to them than the good of the public and unwillingness to work together in the government. This government has failed the people, not in delivering Brexit or a no Brexit decision, but in failing to come to any decision plunging the business community into uncertainty and sure losses. Chaos reigns and the fat cats keep their jobs. Anyone else behaving as British government would have been fired from their post long ago. Complete overhaul of government, education system and all public services needed. The Me, Me society must end and time to consider the common good.