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Souvlaki saved! Competition Commission stops price increase

The Greek souvlaki is saved. Greece’s Competition Commission has reportedly intervene in order to stop the price increases that were apparently due as of May 1, 2019.

Responding to press reports that Greeks’ favorite fast food, the Souvlaki, will be sold at 3 euros from €2.2 currently, the Competition Commission intervened saying that setting unified prices is prohibited by law.

“Following printed and electronic media reports, that there is a possibility for price increase in the souvlaki, the Competition Commission has launched an audit in which it investigates whether the actions reported in these publications constitute infringements of the provisions of Law 3959/2011 on the Protection of Free Competition, “the Commission said in a statement on Wednesday.

Millions of Greeks breathed relieved upon hearing the price increase stop but …

It looks as if the Competition Commission has little idea about the fixed prices in souvlaki and the french fries sold by Soublaki grills. At least in Athens, all Souvlaki are sold at the same price and so are the french fries.

A friend who once asked a Souvlaki grill owner why the fires are more expensive than the meat-containing souvlaki the answer he received was “I cannot sell the fries cheaper, I have been told to sell them at the specific price.”

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Nevertheless, we are now curious to see whether the Souvlaki protest rally will indeed take place or the event against the price increase has been cancelled.

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