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Greeks among Top 5 of most “stressed” people in the world – Global Survey

Greeks are among the Top 5 of the world’s most stressed people. 151,000 people from 140 countries participated in a global research conducted by the Gallup 2019: Global Emotions Report.

According to survey results, Greeks are emerging as the most “anxious people” in the world, with 59% of respondents admitting that they experienced anxiety and stress the day before they participated in the survey.

Top 5:  Philippines, Tanzania, Albania, Iran, Greece.

From the 151,000 participants, one-third said that they suffer form intense stress.

One in five said that they experience a sense of rage and sadness.

In the Gallup Global Emotions Report, participants were asked about their positive and negative experiences.

The country with the most negative experiences emerged Chad – followed by Niger, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Iran – where seven out of ten respondents answered that they were struggling to buy food for a while last year. In contrast, the country with the most positive experiences is Paraguay, followed by Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador.

“Smiling or laugh a lot yesterday?” “Treated with respect?” “Do you feel that rested yesterday?” “You learned or did something interesting yesterday?”, Some of the questions which were put to the participants.

The survey marks a rise in global anxiety markers, while levels of worry and sadness in the world are boosted. About 71% of people, however, reported that they enjoyed the day before the survey.

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