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Bitter disappointment: Value Added Tax for Coffee won’t be reduced

Greeks cheered on Tuesday to hear the reduction of Value Added Tax form 24% to 13%. On Thursday, they were deeply disappointed to learn that their most favorite drink, the coffee, won’t be any cheaper.

The Greek Finance Ministry clarified on Wednesday evening that the V.A.T. in Coffee, Tea, Chamomile and soft beverages will remain at 24% and so it will also in other drinks like alcoholic drinks.

It is worth noting that Greeks consume all sorts of coffee and soft beverages by the …barrel each and every year.

V.A.T. will be reduced to 13% in items like sugar, salt, vegetable oils, snacks, biscuits and others.

The relief measure is expected to be adopted by the Parliament in May, most likely before the European and Municipality elections, and be implemented immediately.

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PS some Greeks visiting the supermarkets today, wondered if the prices were already down.

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