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One policeman injured during attack by group of anarchists in Exarchia

Suspected anarchists attacked a motorcycled police team in Exarchia district of Athens, injuring one policeman on Sunday afternoon. The incident happened in Tositsa and Zaimi streets when the the team of the DIAs section of Greek police ELAS riders were patrolling.

At 16:45 police officers made a signal to two men on a motorcycle but they refused to stop.

Then, two teams of DIAS followed the suspects who stopped at Zaimi street, abandoned their motorcycle and started to run.

Two policemen remained at the spot in order to check the abandoned motorcycle, while the second DIAS team followed the two suspects.

Suddenly, a of 20-30 people attacked the DIAS team with stones, pieces of wood and other objects, injuring one of the policemen and damaging the police motorcycle

The injured police officer was transferred to the 401 General Military Hospital of Athens.

So far, no detention or arrests have been made.

Short after Saturday midnight, suspected anarchists launched an attack against a police squad outside the headquarters of SYRIZA at Koumoundourou Square in downtown Athens.

The attackers threw Molotov cocktail bombs, the police responded with tear gas.

Seven people were detained but were set free later.

a little later, another group consisting of people wearing hoods attacked with molotov cocktail bombs and stones a police squad on Bouboulinas street in Exarchia.

No detentions were made.

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