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VAT reduction for coffee at supermarkets but not when served in a cup

The Value Added Tax for coffee,tea and herbal teas will be reduced from 24% to 13% when sold in supermarkets, Greece’s Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said on Tuesday. His statements come amid criticism that the V.A.T. reduction created a confusion and while the draft law is expected to be voted at the Greek Parliament later today.

“The debate on the [relief] measures continues in the Parliament. There will be amendments to reduce the V.A.T. to 13% for coffee and other beverages sold on supermarket shelves,” the finance minister told ANT1 TV on Tuesday morning.

“Unfortunately there is no financial space to reduce the V.A.T. for served drinks in catering facilities. he added.

According to media reports, cocoa, coffee, tea and Greek herbal teas will be sold with 13% V.A.T. at the supermarkets, but will be sold with 24% when served in cafeterias, restaurants etc.

On the issue of reducing To reduce duty-free, Mr Tsakalotos said: “In the 2020 Budget, we will have our proposals to reduce the tax-free and the measures we have announced, but also additional measures.”

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