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German tourists denied Acropolis entrance for being dressed as Ancient Greeks

A group of fourteen German tourists were denied entrance to the Acropolis of Athens last week due to some weird dress code. The young women were wearing long white dresses in Ancient Greek style. they were accompanied by a professional photographer. And this was the reason for the site guards to deny access to the Acropolis.

The tourists were told that they need a special permission for professional photography. Too big the disappointment for the Germans who were in Athens just for a bachelor party before the wedding on their friend.

“If it was in Morocco, Saudi Arabia or Dubai, it would have been understandable. If I entered a mosque in Iran I would be prepared. But it is in Greece and Europe. They can not tell us that for the entrance to the Acropolis there is a dress code, ” member of the group and fashion designer who tailored the dresses told daily Ta Nea.

“I’m getting married on June 22nd,” said Desire Koening, for whose sake the group traveled to Athens.

“Because my friends know that I am a great fan of Greece, they organized for me a bachelor trip to Athens. We stayed for two nights in town and we were looking forward to seeing the Acropolis as I love Greece. Some of us had previously visited Greece, but for most of the group it was the first time, “said 35-year-old Desire.

The plan was to take some private pictures of the group by a professional photographer on the Acropolis, a unique remembrance of the bachelor trip to Athens.

“We were all dressed as ancient Greek women. I am a professional designer and I have prepared the clothes with great care, ” Leyla explained.

But the site guards did not agree with the plan.

“The lady at the entrance told us that we were not dressed properly, that we were very naked,” said Desire. And she wondered how comes when other tourists waked around with fewer clothes. “We were neither naked or drunk,” the bride future bride stressed adding “there were sign forbidding eating ice cream or entrance to dogs but no any sign about a dress code.”

On their part, officials argued that the entrance was denied because the German group  had a professional photographer with them and no permission.

Sources from the Ministry of Culture pointed out to Greek daily Ta Nea that professional photography in the area should be approved by the Ephorate of Antiquities and the Central Archaeological Council. they stressed that the verbal assurance for private photography is not sufficient unless it is accompanied by a written commitment.

The German group had another disappointment. Although they had bought the Acropolis tickets online, they were denied refund.

PS What a shame! Almost a ridiculous approach…

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  1. Give a little bit of authority and civil servants that have never had it and this is what happens. Wonder if they even know how their ancestors dressed.

    • Eleftheria Pappa

      A bit more condescending please, these entitled Germans didn’t show enough. By all means, continue…

  2. What a shame that visitors who want to honor the history of Greece were treated this way.I would have said if they had inappropriate footwear it would be logical but they are wearing trainers. They should at least have gotten a refund.

  3. Eleftheria Pappa

    There are actually laws in place, but tourists think they own the place, that is, Greece. Especially tourists from Germany. Professionalrs are not allowed withouty a permission from the Ministry and this group haf a professional photographer with them. Thematic dressing is not allowed, the site is not a Disney park. You are not honouring Greece by turning up dressed like you are gong to the carnival. If you visit a country, you should respect its laws. Now imagine if Hreek tourists went to Germany demanding that the laws be changed on yheir behalf. God forbid.

    • Yes I’ll agree that German arrogance is a problem throughout the EU and elsewhere; especially when it comes to banksters.

  4. The tourists were dressed very nicely so no issue so they pounced on the photographer who was going to take pictures for the wedding album. So why were denied entrance this truly baffles me. Understandable tourists are not always loved by the people but they usually smile & put up with them for the revenue that is bought into the country – bad publicly such as this is not going to help the tourist industry in Greece.

    • Pounce on the photographer was probably the only “diversion” those useless civil servants had to do for the whole day, just to show they had “authority”.

  5. Give a Greek a uniform…. :'(

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