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Lesvos: Video captures Candidate for local elections kicking stray dog

A candidate for the local elections on the island of Lesvos triggered an outrage after he kicked a stray dog and he was caught by the security camera of a cafe where the dog finds shelter.

Thursday afternoon and stray dog Jerry is standing outside the cafe. He barks at a passerby. The man reacts cool and keeps walking without further bothering. Then the local candidate who comes from the opposite direction suddenly kicks the dog who flies in the air and crashes at the cafe window.

The cafe staff and other witnesses reacted immediately. However, the man who “want to serve the city of Mytilini” did not bother to give an answer or a reason for the abuse of the dog. He just walked away.

The dog survived the kick and the crash slightly dizzy and with a small shock, the local animal protection society “Kivotos Mytilini” reported.

On Friday, NGO Kivotos that published the video filed a lawsuit against the abuser on Friday, five eyewitnesses are willing to testify.

The local candidate now faces criminal charges.

Stray dog Jerry lives at the promenade of Mytilini since quite some time, he is being taken care by the owner and the staff of cafe Greg who provide him with food and medical care.

Local media likes wonder whether such candidates really dare claiming their votes.

The name of the kicker has not been made known. However, animal lovers demand on social media to “name and shame” the brutal candidate who wants to “serve” the citizens of Mytilini but not its animals.

According to Kivotos, the name of the abuser cannot be made public due to provisions of the Law.

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  1. Politicians should obey the law and not kick their mothers!

  2. OMG This is absolutely disgusting behaviour !!! How dare that bastard inflict such pain an a dog. He must answer to the police, he has broken the law, animal abuse and cruelty act. He must not get away with this, please Greece, make an example of this bastard, this is not acceptable in 2019 !!!!

  3. I hope the voters recognise this man,it shows his true nature. The dog kicking may not be nice, but it does you a favour in showing the man is no good.

  4. Dogs are REALLY suffering in Grecce. This is just a tiny part of the visible iceberg. Shocking. Disgusting.