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New Democracy leads with 6.5% against SYRIZA ahead of EU elections

A week before the European and local elections in Greece, main opposition party conservative New Democracy leads with 6.5% against ruling party SYRIZA. It is worth noting that still a few weeks ago, the gap between ND and SYRIZA was at a double-digit level.

According to a public opinion poll about the european parliament elections conducted by MRB between May 13-16 for daily Ta Nea, the voting intention for ND is at 30% while for SYRIZA is at 23.5%. On third position is Movemebt for Change (KINAL/PASOK) with 6.6%, followed by the far-right Golden Dawn with 6.3%.

ND 30%

SYRIZA 23.5%
KINAL 6.6%
Golden Dawn 6.3%
KKE 5.9%
To Potami 2.5%
Centrists’ Union 2.2%
Greek Solution (nationalist) 1,7%
Ecologists Green 1.5%
Independent Greeks ANEL 1,2%
ANTARSYA (far-left) 1%
Other party 4.4%
White / Invalid/ Abstention 4.5%
I don’t know 8.7%

Regarding the victory performance, the split between the two parties is at 46.3%. Specifically, according to the poll, New Democracy accounted for 63.4% while Syriza was at 17.1%.

The poll surveys also the public opinion with regards the government “relief measures” legislated and implemented before the elections.

56.9% expressed a negative opinion for the government and 36.3% a positive one.

In particular, 24.9% responded that they had a very negative or negative opinion about Tsipras’ benefits announcement, while 34.7% said that they had a negative approach.

On the other hand, 20.4% said they had a very positive opinion about the benefits announcement and and 15.9% said that they were positive.

Regarding the ongoing tension between Turkey and Greece, 38.8% of respondents said that the risk of a “hot incident” was “sure or probably yes” that it will happen in the next time period. In contrast, 52% said that there is ‘certainly or probably not” such a risk.

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