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14-year-old commits suicide after parents denounce her molester to police

A 14-year-old girl fell into the tracks of the urban train ISAP in Moschato station in south Athens and was immediately dead on early Thursday afternoon. The suicide reveals a tragedy, as the girl was having an affair with a 43-year-old man and her parents had denounced him to police. The man was arrested a few hours earlier. the girl left a note saying she culdn’t bear him being in prison.

The teenager girl was standing on the train platform playing with her mobile phone when she suddenly jumped into the rail tracks minutes before the scheduled train came in and dragged her, eyewitnesses reportedly told police.

Before the jump she had sent an sms to a friend saying she was going to take her own life.

According to media information, the man had a relationship with the girl, a schoolmate of his daughter.

The girl’s stepfather discovered the relation between his daughter and the 43-year-old man four days ago. The angry father went to the man’s shop and beat him. Later, the parents filed a lawsuit to Greek authorities that the man had an unlawful relation to a minor.

Police arrested the man for “seduction of a minor.” Home investigation revealed that the man had also a relation in the past with another girl when she was also 14 years old.

Police seized his mobile phone that contained pictures and videos of the girls as well as  pornographic material.

Police could link the girl with the offender and sent him to prosecutor. The man was accused of similar offenses also in the past, media report.

The girl had reportedly left a note in which she wrote that he could not live without him and she didn’t want to be the reason for him being in jail.

Fourteen firefighters contributed to the operation of recovering the girl’s body.

Her parents fainted when they arrived at the train station and heard about their daughter’s tragic decision and death. They were both transferred to a hospital in Athens.

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