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A hell of summer weather with storms and heat waves in Greece and Europe

US meteorologists forecast a hell of a summer 2019 in Greece and the whole Europe. Heat waves, drought, floods, severe storms, tornadoes and wildfires…. this is the nightmare forecast by the experts team of Accuweather.

The summer in Europe will be warmer and drier than the summer 2018.

In particular, for Greece, the Accuweather meteorologists forecast violent thunderstorms and heat waves. This is also the case for Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

While dry and hot weather dominates a large portion of Europe this summer, severe thunderstorms will threaten the Balkan Peninsula throughout the season.

Though the region will not be immune from heat waves, extreme heat will be limited.

Violent thunderstorms will threaten Greece to Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria as disturbances track into the region from the Mediterranean, as well as from eastern Europe and Russia.

The storms will be accompanied by lightning, floods, strong winds and hail, while the formation of tornadoes is a high possibility.

“These storms will bring frequent lightning, flooding downpours and damaging winds and hail,” Accuweather meteorologist Tyler Roys said. “The strongest storms will be capable of producing tornadoes.”

Severe thunderstorms will most likely be during the afternoon and evening hours.

These storms will occasionally ignite farther west, bringing volatile weather to Italy.

The greatest risk will be for damaging winds, hail and flash flooding.

“There will be prolonged periods of drought that will cause many problems in agriculture at that time on most of the old continent,” the weather service forecasts.

According to the forecasts of “Accuweather” a wildfire risk will be high in Spain and Germany.


PS I have no idea how they can forecast for a 3-month period of time.

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  1. Love your last comment lol.

  2. Xenos sthn Athina

    The Accuweather forecasts are hopelessly wrong — even in real time. I gave up counting the number of occasions when they insisted on my mobile app that Athens was AT THAT MOMENT beset with thunderstorms and terrible rain, and there were in fact none at all that day or the next. I suspect that their computer weather model has developed a fondness for thunderstorms and is just happy predicting them all the time.

    Conclusion?: to be taken with a pinch of salt. Track record very poor.