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Mykonos: One Souvlaki, Two Prices: €3.5 for Greeks, €5 for Tourists

Spotlights are again on the island of Mykonos, after a Greek visitor denounced that that a local grill sells the famous Greek snack Souvlaki at two different prices: one for Greeks, the cheaper, and one for tourists, the more expensive one. The denouncement comes just a few weeks after a US tourist complained that he paid 591 euros for six portions of calamari.

The Greek visitor posted her complaint on her account on Facebook. She wrote that while the grill owner charged 3.5 euros for the souvlaki bought by her and her boy friend, also a Greek, he charged 5 euros to the couple’s friends from abroad.

According to the woman’ post, on the first day of their visit to the grill in Chora, they all bought their wrapped souvlaki at €3.5.

Apparently pleased from the deliciousness of the the meat chunks, salad and sauce inside a pita bread, the group visited the facility also the next day. This time it was not a woman at the counter but a “gentleman”, the owner of the grill.

Surprise! The grill owner who served the snacks himself charged €3.50 per piece to her and her boy friend, but €5 to each souvlaki the three friends from Nepal bought.

To her polite request for an explanation the grill owner replied with “a barrage of insults,” vulgar expression and also sent her to hell.

She adds that the verbal attacks intensified when she “said calmly let’s not proceed to an official complaint.”

According to her post, the owner even threatened her and it was a waiter who held him back so the the group could leave without escalation of the dispute.

The woman notes that she complained to local police about the price difference for Greek and tourists and waited for two hours outside the grill.

“Police never arrived,” she wrote concluding her post with angry emoticons and noting “we will never be humans.”

The woman posted also a picture of the Souvlaki Grill.

Two weeks ago, a US tourist posted on tripadvisor and complained about exorbitant prices at a beach restaurant also on Mykonos. The bill amounted €836,20 for 6 portions of calamari, 6 beers, 3 salads and a tomato juice for the ‘unreal’ price of 18 euros.

“Avoid this place, it’s a trap” the man from Brooklyn, New York wrote in the section of reviews for the said restaurant.

The complain triggered an outrage also in Greece, many visitors added their own sauce including pictures of their expensive bills. Meanwhile the restaurant became famous for ..selling Calamari made of Gold.

The price complains certainly shed a bad light and harm the reputation of Mykonos, an island that lives solely on the millions of tourists visiting it each and every year.

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