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Crete: PPC cuts electricity to mother with disable child

Tuesday began for the mother of a 5-year-old disable child in the most shocking way. She saw how a team by the Greek Public Power Company PPC disconnected the power supply to her home, while she was preparing the child’s breakfast.

The mother rents a modest home in a neighborhood of Heraklio on the island of Crete.

The electricity bill was loaded with the debts of the previous tenant.

Speaking to local media cretalive.gr, the mother said that she was aware of the previous debts and that there was an installment-settlement.

She was paying the amount of the running bill to the landlord each month.

Apparently some installments were not paid and the settlement was reverse, therefore the power cut, she added.

People with disabilities are eligible to electricity discounts when they are customers of the PPC. However, this measure would not help the mother either. First of all because the electricity bill is obviously registered o landlord’s name.The bill has to be registered to the name of the disable person with a proven confirmation of its disability by state institutions.

The woman is desperate and tries to find a way out of a situation into which she is trapped without her fault.

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  1. Cut off the electricity to the landlord’s own residence until he pays the unpaid bills of his rented house. Simple.