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Heat Wave with temperatures up to 41°C to strike Greece July 1-5

A heat wave with temperatures reach up to 41 degrees Celsius is forecast to strike Greece in the upcoming weak. Temperature will rise as of Monday, July 1st, and remain high until at least Friday, July 5th 2019. The hottest days are Wednesday and Thursday, July 3 and 5.

According to Greece’ National Meteorological Service EMY, temperatures will start rising in western Greece and Macedonia on Monday.

On Tuesday, the rise will continue, while on Wednesday, the temperature will further rise to levels above the seasonal average. The situation will be the same also on Thursday, while on Friday, it will gradually begin to decrease, mainly in the East.

MONDAY 01-07-2019
Clear weather. Wind will be blowing North-North-East 3-5 Beaufort, 5-6 in the East Aegean and locally up to 7 B. Temperature rising mainly in western Greece and Macedonia.

THURSDAY 02-07-2019
Clear weather. Wind will be blowing North-North-East 3-5 Beaufort an dup to 6 B in the Aegean Sea. Further temperature rise

WEDNESDAY 03-07-2019
Generally clear weather. Few clouds at midday and afternoon hours in the north. Wind 3-5B and locally in East Aegean up to 6B. Temperature rise to levels higher than the seasonal average.

THURSDAY 04-07-2019
Generally clear weather. In North mainland, locally cloudness and isolated thunderstorms. Wind 3-5B and locally up to 6. Temperature will drop slightly in the North, while it will remain in the same high levels as on Wed.,

FRIDAY 05-07-2019
Few clouds in the North, later isolated thunderstorms. In the rest of the country warm weather. Wind 4-6 B and locally 7B. Slight temperature drop in the East.

Temperature Forecast July 1-5, 2019

According to the National Observatory of Athens, temperatures are forecast to reach up to 39 and even 41 degrees Celsius. the temperature rise will be due to the weakening of the summer North winds (meltemia).

Maximum Temperatures:

Athens:37°C on Wednesday, 39°C on Thursday, 38°C on Friday

Larissa – Central Greece: 40°C on Wed, 41°C on Thur, 39°C on Friday

Thessaloniki: 39° C on Wednesday

Agrinio – Epirus: 40°C on Wednesday and Thursday.

Argos – Peloponnese: 38°C

Cooler on the islands due to North winds

Cyclades: 26-28°C

Crete: average 32°C

Indicative forecast for July 3-5, 2019:

Is this the heat wave that is leaving the rest of Europe? Probably…

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