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Halkidiki Storm Day 3: Many households, businesses without power, water

Day 3 after the deadly storm in Halkidiki: Devastation. Demolished businesses, houses without a roof. Settlements without electricity and water. Where power has been restored, people try to fix the damages and bring their lives back to normality. Not an easy task. Fixing the damages requires time and money.

The Prefecture of Halkidiki remains in “state of emergency.”

Households and businesses in Sozopoli, Nea Plagia, Nea Kallikratia, Nea Iraklia, Nea Moudania Nea Fokea and elsewhere are still without power on Saturday norning. In these areas some settlements have been left without power since Wednesday night.

The high-voltage Moudania-Kassandria power network has been restored on Friday, while the medium and low-voltage networks are expected to be back on line in the next few hours.

However, the storm damages also the power providers in households and businesses.

More than 300 power posts were damaged on Wednesday. “It  is the biggest network damage in the history of the Public Power Company,” said Nikos Hardalias, General Secretary of Civil Protection. He added that this was the biggest storm in 35 years.

Generators have been provided for the electrification of critical infrastructure (hospitals, health centers, fire brigade, police departments, etc.).

But local businessmen speak of “total disaster.” Many were forced to throw away food and other sensitive products worth thousands of euros. No Power, no refrigerators, no food.

Others had to closed their facilities due to extensive damages they suffered.

The storm revealed again the notorious Greek diseases: sloppy and arbitrary constructions, that had their elements torn apart and flowing in the air swept away by the gale-force wind.

The tragedy with the seven dead and 120 injures brings back the issue of arbitrary constructions in the area. The president of the “Dolphin settlement” in Sozopolis, one of the area most hit by the storm, told private Open TV that all settlement buildings were arbitrary.

Indicative for the situation was a family that was narrowly escaped death when the roof of her home collapsed.  The father became a “shield” for his three children, when the roof was collapsing over their heads. He was injured and transferred to a hospital in Thessaloniki.

But it is not only the private constructions affected by the storm. Inspectors found damages in 12 schools incl nursery schools in the area. Investigation in public buildings continues.

The “supercell storm” stroke with wind of more than 100 km/h, a speed unprecedented for the country.

Video: car driving into the storm

Video: rastaurant

According to weather forecast, the area of Halkidiki is expected to be hit by thunderstorms also over the weekend.

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