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ENFIA tax to be reduced already in 2019 for properties value up to €200K

Finance Ministry has reportedly prepared a plan regarding the reduction of Unified Property Tax (ENFIA) for  the millions of property owners in Greece. The plan is to be gradually implemented in three staged and owners of small properties will see as reduction already this year when the ENFIA bills will be issued in August, media report.

According to daily ta nea, the ENFIA 2019 to be issued end of August:

  • owners with property value up to 60,000 euros will see a reduction of 30%
  • owners of property value up to 200,000 euros will see a reduction of 10%.

Small property owners could pay 50-70 euros less this year and those in the second category up to 100 euros less.

The ENFIA 2019 revenues will be reduced by €265 million compared to the ENFIA 2018 tax.

Owners with property worth above €200,000 will enjoy the benefits of tax reduction gradually in 2020 and 2021. A 20% reduction in 2020 and another 10% in 2021.

The bill is expected to be voted beginning of August.

The ENFIA tax is paid in five equal monthly installments, with the first one to be due around end of September and the last one end of January 2020.

there is no reduction for those paying the bill at once.

Reducing taxes has been high priority of the Mitsotakis government.

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