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Greece warning: Heat wave with up to 43°C, thunderstorms, strong winds

One more heat wave is striking Greece with temperatures that will reach up to 43 degrees Celsius over the first weekend of August 2019 with the Greek National Meteorological Service (EMY)  to have issued a warning to this effect.

However, next to the soaring temperatures the unstable weather will bring also thunderstorms and powerful winds.

During the short but intense heat wave, the hottest days will be Friday and Saturday.

Weather Forecast Analytically


Thursday, August 1

Up to 38-39 degrees Celsius in mainland, like Macedonia and Thessaly and 33-35° C on the islands.

Friday, August 2

up to 38-39 degrees Celsius in the mainland and up to 35-37° C on the islands.

Thessaly, South Crete 39°- 40° C

Sterea, Peloponnese 37°-38° C

Saturday, August 3

Soaring temperatures across the country.

Up to 40°-41° C in Thessaly, Fthiotida, Viotia and East Peloponnese.

Up to 42°-43° C in Thessaly.

Up to 38°-39° C in Central and North mainland


Saturday afternoon and evening in North Greece, mainly in Central and East Macedonia, Thrace and the Northparts of the Aegean Sea.

The phenomena will be locally intense mainly in East and Central Macedonia and Thrace.

Powerful Winds

Winds up to 6-7 Beaufort as of early Saturday evening in the Ionian Sea and gradually in mainland and the North Aegean Sea.

Temperatures are forecast to drop by 6 degrees Celsius as of Sunday, August 4, 2019.

sources: emy, meteo, national observatory

PS Drink plenty of water and do not forget to put a bowl with fresh water for the strays.

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