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“Hachiko” was stolen “to be offered a good home”, locals upset (Poll)

He was known as the “Hachiko of Nafpaktos.” The loyal dog would not leave the spot where his owner was killed in a road accident in November 2017. Relatives raised a small religious memorial with the owner’s picture and the dog found a “shelter” there on the side of a land road..

A few days after the fatal accident, in November 2017, the dog came to the spot, 12 km away from his home. Locals tried to remove him from there, offered him a shelter in their homes. But the dog would always return there, where his owner Haris lost his life.

So they built for him a small house, provided him daily with food and water, as they told local media.

By rain and heat, the Greek Hachiko would stay a loyal guard at the place where his owner lost his life.

And then one day, the dog was gone….

Behind was left a handwritten note

“Hi, we took the doggy with us. We drove by with the car and we could not leave him behind. Don’t worry, we will take good care of him. We will contact the newspaper that reported his story for doggy’s updates.”

No name or phone number were on note.

Locals are upset and call out on those who took him to bring him back.

“They stole Haris’ dog,” they say and want him back there, on the side of a land road.

“Those who took him must respect his own wish to stay at this area, under the memorial and the picture of his owner,” a woman who would provide the basic to the dog told naftaktianews.

She appealed also to anyone who had seen the dog to report it.

Apart from food and water, it is not known whether the dog had also medical care.

The woman said she did not know whether anyone has brought the dog to the vet, but she assured that she had given him something against flees and other bugs.

What do you think? Should the dog be brought back or should enjoy a loving home in his old days?

Should Hachiko be brought back ?

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  1. hachiko dogs are very loyal dogs to their 1 and only owner whether they are alive or passed on that dog will not be happy in a new home

    • Might I suggest watching this video, showing Hachiko with one of the people that rescued him.

      It would put your mind at rest that the dog is happy & being well cared for. The people who rescued him are experienced in animal rescue & do all they can to ensure animals are healthy before finding them a good home. The male rescuer checks out the families who adopt his rescues & keeps in close contact with them afterwards, helping them whenever they need it. I can’t say much about the female rescuer as I don’t know her work as well as his, but it’s obvious that she is dedicated to helping animals as she not only rescues but also campaigns to improve the life of animals, especially in her native Greece.

      Living in s proper home with a family, appropriate good & shelter from the elements is surely better than living alone on a road where humans have lost their lives. If it is that dangerous for humans, how much worse is it for animals who do not understand traffic? Additionally dogs are pack animals. Would you really want it to return to living one? Remember Haris died, he is not coming back. The dog would have a miserable existence until it suffered an equally miserable death. I don’t deny that locals helped him. There was food there, some shelter, etc, but it was no life for a dog used to living with a human & there was no company. He is far happier & safer where he is at the moment. 😀

  2. I am 100% agree with Monique but conditions there where the dog was living is very bad specially in this weather when temp is going to reach 40. So in my opinion the person who took the dog have think the same thing as I am thinking any way I just wish that the dog is in good care and may be settle down with new family 🙏. God bless all you people’s who took great care of the dog till today.

  3. Best thing would be to give the dog a real choice!

    I would ask its new carers to take it back to the spot after a fortnight or so and then after a while wait to see if the dog is really a ‘hachiko’ or not … or just had ‘no choice’! … Return it to a safe and caring environment and then I would take it back again after two months or so … In the meantime the new carers should ask the previous owner’s family if they could legally adopt the dog while providing evidence of the dog’s well being!

    Mind you I have taken care of many pets in my 50+ years … shared homes with them … but never acted as their ‘owner’ or tried to humanify them!

    Shouldn’t we expect more from our kind than ‘ask’ dogs to … mimic … our lost qualities and values as humans!

    How about sharing this planet with all living creatures as equally as possible!

    P.S. I asked my son about his opinion and his iconic / ironic answer was: “How about asking the new carers share the dog’s ‘Home’ by the side of the road?” … and I would add that this would bring much more than the desired publicity to the local area!

    P.S.2 Let the dog find a new home … and support the new carers for their braveness – 63% of the voters so far agree / Thank god this is not s referendum

  4. There is a video of the dogs rescue of YouTube and the dog looks happy to me in its new home. I don’t think the owner who passed would want his dog to live out the rest of his life on the side of the road. I don’t agree with how it was done but I do agree that that was no place for him.

  5. Go to Victor’s channel, the dog is very happy & playing with other dog’s. He needs company & that is what he is getting, not living his life out at the side of a road.

  6. I am happy someone could see the happy future for this dog
    Viktor and valia are good people working hard to do good for animals (not just dogs)
    Open your hearts and see the dog is moving on
    Change given dogs move on (dont forget) easier than most humans
    This beautiful dog deserves a family, not just memories of one

    “There are no one more loving or forgiving than dogs
    They are angels walking the earth
    and we don’t deserve their love”


  7. That dog was not stolen, it was rescued, he’s clean, he’s happily playing with new toys but most important, he’s safe, he’s not living in a little stone oven in warm temperatures waiting for someone who doesn’t come back.
    I’m sure that if his owner could have a say in the matter, he’d prefer his dog living in a loving home instead of on the side of a road in dirt waiting to get hit by a car and die a lonely horrible death.

  8. RESCUED???
    There are Dozens of dogs on the streets in every city which are unwillingly there. How about you go “rescue” those?
    Somebody stole this dog for publicity and YouTube views.
    I like how this Spanish scammer says that “if it was a child, it’d be taken away” lol What a hypocritical scammer idiot! There are authorities responsible for that!
    SMUGGLING a dog (or child as he suggested) out of border is A CRIME. This cant be allowed.

  9. UPDATE: The man who stole the dog is a SCAMMER.

    1) His name is V […] L[…]
    On his Youtube videos concerning the dog, he STILL asks and has an active link for DONATIONS for the dog – although he supposedly already gave it away !!!

    2) He put on a video where he gifts the dog to an affluent American family. You can still hear Spanish in the video. The family keeps calling the dog Hachiko.
    He claims he charged them nothing but it seems he actually SOLD them the dog.

    3) The dog is already vaccinated and clean so why he even asked for money at all? Its previous owners showed its vaccines book.

    4) The voting here is influenced by Victors subscribers and Patreon payers. So then he claims he’s following public opinion.
    He further states “imagine if it was a child spending so much time on the streets” Well, it seems that authorities, public services and country borders mean nothing to this man.

    *full name omitted by KTG.