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Four more women assaulted by Suzanne Eaton’s murderer

Four more women have reportedly been assaulted by the man who raped and killed US biologist Suzanne Eaton on the island of Crete beginning of July.

According to Sunday newspaper Real News, four more attacks against women were added to the case opened by Chania Security Directory, increasing the total number of assault committed by 27-year-old Giannis Paraskakis to seven, excluding the Eaton case.

All seven women have recognized Paraskakis’ car after police published the pictures.

The victims told police that how they were hit by the car and the way they managed to escape a further assault at the last moment.

The man had admitted to police that he would hit women he liked with his car.

Initially police had complaints and evidence of similar cases by three women, two foreigners living in the area and a Greek.

The 27-year-old is in custody in the prison of Tripolis, Peloponnese, awaiting a psychiatric examination as ordered by the prosecutor.

The victim of heinous crime, 60-year-old Suzanne Eaton, was hit by Paraskakis’ car while she was jogging near the Orthodox Academy in Kolymbari by Chania. He transferred the heavily injured woman to a remote area where he raped her and possibly also suffocated her and then threw her body into an old German bunker.

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