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Athens smoke due to forest fires: KEELPNO advice for vulnerable people

Are you a resident of Athens and suffering from burning eyes or coughing on Tuesday? Did you wake up in the morning smelling “something was burning”? Is the view is the area you live “blur”? It is because of the smoke caused by the forest and wild fires burning in Evia, East Attica, and Thiva, North Attica. The smoke is creating almost suffocating conditions given also the fact of temperatures over 35 – 36 degrees Celsius. That’s especially dangerous for people with respiratory problems that can suffer dyspnoea (labored breathing) or even an asthma crisis.

The Greek Disease Prevention Center KEELPNO has issued a series of preventive measures specially for vulnerable people, children, elderly and people with health conditions like respiratory or cardiovascular problems.

KEELPNO press release:

• In the case of conditions conducive to strong smoke exposure, it is recommended removal from the area, if possible, as long as the phenomenon remains intense.

• If it is not possible to leave the area, stay indoors for as long as possible, with proper air conditioning and keep indoor air as clean as possible, avoiding indoor smoking and vacuuming as much as possible. both electrical and conventional.

• In the absence of smoke externally ventilate the indoors environment to refresh the air by opening the windows.

Smoke inhalation protection instructions in case of fire

• Avoid outdoor activities as long as there is smoke.

• Avoid physical stress.

• Consume copious amounts of drinking water and liquids, especially during periods of intense smoke.

• If symptoms of respiratory or the cardiovascular system occur that may be related to excessive exposure to smoke, such as persistent cough, difficulty in breathing and / or wheezing, tightness or chest pain, tachycardia, nausea, abnormal fatigue or dizziness, seek Medical Assistance.

In general, exposure to smoke may cause eye and respiratory irritation, as well as worsening respiratory and cardiac diseases.

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