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Crete: Man arrested for having tied a dog on his car and drag him

A 74-year-old man was arrested in Rethymon on the island of Crete after the Greek social media were flooded with pictures showing the license plate of his vehicle. The man had tied a dog on the back of his car and was dragging him along the old national road Chania – Rethymnon near the Koufi village.

“Jerk of the day on old national road,” wrote the eyewitness who shot pictures of the dragging and posted on social media. The pictures were shared dozens of times.

According to animal NGO “Noiazomai”, the man claimed to police that the dog was a stray who had mingled into a flock of sheep and was killing them.

He further claimed that the dog did not cooperate when he wanted to put him in his car and decided to tie him and drive at low speed in order to bring him to his home, some 100 meters away.

According to the NGO, the male dog was left tied under a tree in Agios Konstantinos area.

He was taken by the NGO and given to a foster dad until he finds a forever home.

The dog was having a wound on his neck due to a chain and was full of flees. He received treatment at a veterinarian’s clinic. Tests showed that he is approximately 3 years old with a wight of 30 kilos. His name is Goofy and is now waiting for a loving home.

The arrested man faces charge of animal abuse as dragging a dog tied on his car exposes the animal to danger.

the man who is fostering Goofy posted on social media that he knows the old man who is an animal lover who indeed tried to help the dog by taking him away out of fear angry farmers who kill him. “He was too weak due to age to carry the dog inot his car,” the foster dad wrote.

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