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Germany to help Greece tackle increase of migrants on the islands

The German government says it is closely watching as the number of migrants reaching the Greek islands has seen a jump.

Government spokeswoman Martina Fietz said the increase in migrants coming to the islands by sea “needs to be taken seriously.” But she also stressed Friday that the latest arrival numbers are significantly lower than during the 2015-2016 surge in mass migration to Europe.

We think that the EU-Turkey agreement of 18 March 2016 has been a success, and it will continue to be pursued,” she stressed.

Last month, nearly 8,100 refugees and migrants arrived at Greek islands, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Germany took in the biggest share of migrants from that influx. The flow to Greece dropped when the European Union reached a deal with Turkey to prevent sea crossings.

Fietz says Germany stands ready to assist Greece now through the European Union and bilaterally.
[AP, yenisafak]

PS How Germany will help Greece tacking the new migration crisis? Fietz did not elaborate on such crucial details. Berlin is probably still evaluating the situation and as the spokeswoman said migrants’ arrivals are still lower than four years ago…

Ζήσε Μαη μου να φας τριφύλλι as my grandma used to say for something that it takes time to happen or it is doubtful it will ever materialize.

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