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Christmas in Mykonos

Yeah, I have to admit that this extraordinary Greek island is not the first place in your
list to visit during Christmas. It makes sense in a way. Why would anybody on Earth
choose an isle as a Christmas holiday destination? Well, the truth is that everybody
has more than one reason to vacate on “the island of the winds” anytime. It’s a
beloved destination throughout the year as long as you are well-informed in terms of
various matters that will play a pivotal role in your excursion. There are some details-
tiny or bigger ones-that will give your travel that pinch of salt, luxury and jollity.


It’s been a while since the days that we first landed on a place and then started
looking for a place to spend the night. Such choices and habits involved a great
amount of risk as hasty choices are most of the times wrong. That’s how we ended up
with a tiny room with just a fan and a broken tap in the bathroom. But that’s not
anymore the case. For instance, Clubzak Mykonos villas are the best dwellings on the
island and offer supreme levels of luxury and elegance. They are truly affordable,
especially at Christmas. Benefit even more by booking your mansion well in advance.
You’ll be surprised at how low the rates are. Mykonos villas are really one of a kind
in the whole Cycladic complex. So as to make your booking you just need to fill a
form with your personal details and pay a deposit. Grab the chance! Thank me later…


Now let’s move on to talk a bit about weather conditions in Mykonos during
Christmas and of course how to be ready to face them. Late December and early
January in this isle is a bit cold as the temperature fluctuates from 8 to 13 degrees
Celsius. It also may rain 3 or four days during your stay in Mykonos those days. You
don’t have to be worried though. Most probably you won’t come across snow or ice
as the Aegean Sea makes the climate temperate and extremities are avoided. In terms
of clothing you will need a winter jacket or a raincoat and some sweaters. Some winter pants will prove to be handy as well as a pair of boots and sneakers.


There are many choices concerning pubs, bars and cafes in Mykonos as lots of them
open just for the Christmas season and re-open at Easter. Hence, there are dozens of
places from great national brands to local pubs and bars downtown (Chora). Apart
from that, loads of cafes and beach bars are found near Cavo Paradiso, Super
Paradise, Psarou, Paraga and Elia. All of them are famous beaches that can provide
you with marvelous cocktails, mind-blowing coffee and indubitably all kinds of beers
from around the world. If you’re after more affordable choices regarding drinks and
beverages, inner villages like Klouvas, Plintri and Ano Mera. They are located far
away from any shore, but we cannot have it all. Anyways, a 500ml bottle of beer will
cost from 3 to 6 euros and a freddo cappuccino from 4 to 5 euros. You can always stock some beers from a local supermarket and freeze them at your room’s refrigerator. What matters the most is to relax, have fun and spend some unforgettable days and… nights!

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  1. Hey! Clubzak Mykonos villas are the best dwellings on the island and offer supreme levels of luxury and elegance.