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Limnos: Police fines animal lover with €6,000 for feeding stray cats

Police on the island of Limnos fined an animal lover with the incredible amount of 6,000 euros for feeding stray cats. The woman did what thousands of people do in Greece. However, the police displayed nothing else than ignorance of the Greek Law regarding stray and pet animals.

The woman was feeding some stray cats that would come to her yard at feeding times and would go away afterwards.

She would also put some bowls with food and water outside, on the streets, that were often thrown away by the neighbors who would not tolerate that practice.

Apparently it was also these neighbors who complained about her and had the police visit her in her home.

The police officer who came on August 7, found some of the stray cats in her yard. He ridiculously argued that since the cats were in her yard the belonged to the woman.

The policeman decided ti implement the law that requires from pet owners that their pets are vaccinated and have a health book.

He fined the woman with 600 euros for each of the ten cats that she was feeding in her yard.

The animal lover hired a lawyer who hit on another wall. Lawyer and client had to learn by the Chief of the police station that they could file their objection within 5 days, when the legal period is 10 days.

Informed accordingly was the Panhellenic Animal and Environment Federation that described the fine as “absurd”.

The Federation asked the Police Central to send a team to the island in order to introduce the animal legislation to the local police.

For the animal lover on Limnos the story had a happy ending as her lawyer managed to convince the Veterinary Service of the Municipality of Limnos to annul and delete the fine as unlawful.

PS Police on Limnos and elsewhere should educate themselves.

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  1. Its great to feed of course but not too much as they will keep the mice and rat population down if they are hungry,I have seen cats in the countrside running about with large rats they have killed in their mouths.Of course its not good to have lots of cats poo around especially in summer as it really smells bad,also the poo is dangerous,if one has a garden with soil one must where gloves when gardening if cats or dogs have pooped there.It is a problem to keep feeding strays sometimes,especially dogs,you feed them up,they mate,produce more dogs and then roam the streets in packs which is then dangerous.My husband leaves the house at four thirty am here in Egaleo and is usually faced with dogs that tear out of doorways,big dogs!he regularly feels their teeth penetrating his trousers.If you have your own house cat you vaccinate and deworm them but strays dont get done.I see tourists in my village house here in Greece,they drop down food for cats and dogs when in a beach taverna and I just think..Oh no,more ferocious dogs and loads more poop everywhere..You never ever want stray cats sitting on your outdoor sofa or chairs,they are absolutely full of fleas,not their fault of course but you know there is more to this topic than meets the eye and its wrong not to listen to everyones point of view on a subject,those people who dont want the stray cats need to be listened to at a local meeting as to why,thats fair.Of course we do have the so called good upright citizens taking their dogs out round the streets to poop, often outside my door and never picking it up and perhaps the ones moaning about the cats do that.So,I guess a no win situation.