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Parliament lifts immunity of MP Loverdos over Novartis

The Plenary of the Greek Parliament lifted the immunity of MP Andreas Loverdos over the Novartis case. Out of 225 lawmakers present, 224 voted in favor and one against.

The MP from KINAL/PASOK had himself requested the lifting of his immunity.

Convinced that he is victim of a plot against him, the former health Minister has reiterated his “explicit and unequivocal” request to have his immunity lifted.

Speaking at the Plenary he said “I don’t need any parliamentary or ministerial privileges. I will crush the plotters with the weapons available to all Greeks and Greeks,” Loverdos stressed.

KINAL/PSASOK came to the defense of its Speaker of the Parliamentary Group and said that it opposes this request.

“Our parliamentary group is against the request because it is obvious that there is absolutely no evidence against him, but it is also clear that there is also a question of legality of this whole process,” party leader Fofi Gennimata said.

Inquiry into Novartis case has ended in a fierce political dispute between New Democracy and PASOK on one side and SYRIZA that launched it on the other side.

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