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Macron opposes start of EU accession talks with North Macedonia, Albania

French President Emmanuel Macron is against the EU start of accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania. These two countries are not ready for membership, he says.

France opposes the start of EU membership talks with North Macedonia and Albania, saying the EU has too many other challenges to cope with for now, Reuters reported. Furthermore, the French President has stated on several occasions that the EU first needs to deepen its forms of cooperation, and then accept new member states.

Paris wants any further talks to be “more gradual, more concrete in the benefits they bring to concerned countries and reversible according to the effective, tangible and sustainable implementation of reforms,” a draft communique of a ministerial meeting in Luxembourg showed. The memo was circulated on Oct. 10 by French diplomats to other EU governments.

More than half of the EU member states are in favour of the talks. If not, proponents say, the EU would leave a strategic vacuum that might be filled by Russia, Turkey and China.

France and the Netherlands want a complete overhaul of the enlargement process before negotiations with the two countries can begin.

North Macedonia and Albania are keen for a green light this week to start formal talks to join the world’s largest trading club, notes bloomberg.

Follwoing the Prespes Ageement with neigbhroing Greece last year, North Macedonia not only changed its Constitutions but also its official name in order to be able to join the NATO and The European Union.

There is no reason for France to oppose opening of accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, since the process will not be over soon, which makes it possible for the EU to reform itself in the meantime, wrote Zoran Nechev, Researcher at the Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis from Skopje.

Nechev, however, emphasises that, according to the current pace of Serbia and Montenegro, the negotiation process will last more than a decade, which leaves sufficient time for EU reform.

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One comment

  1. Albania and North-Macedonia (Macedonia name belongs to Greece) should clean up first their huge mess, balances and budgets, democracy, widespread corruption, rule of law, human rights, drugsdealing, prostitution, criminal actions and so on and on, before getting EU Membership and to get subsidized for all sort of matters by EU, so that other EU Memberstates do not have to pay for them or to bailout them with Taxmoney for their mistakes and corruption.
    Make it first soo fantastic for your own people that your own people wants to stay inside your borders, so that they do not all leave to Greece or come to Northern Europe to do some work shortly and then fraud the the Social Security Systems for free money with false registrations, like Bulgarians did, or for the drugdealing, prostitution and other criminal actions like Maffiabusiness and so on.
    To be part of the EU is not only for pleasure and to ease your own life and trade, but also comes with duties, reforms and payments and to take responsibilities for your own mess and people.
    Mr. Macron vision is right. Keep up the good work together.