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“U.S. will abandon Greece as it did with the Kurds,” warns Russian Envoy to EU

Russian Ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, warned Greece that the US might abandon it just as it did with the Kurds. The Defense Cooperation Agreement that Greece signed with the US during the visit of US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo to Athens, is a mistake, he added.

In an interview with the Russian news agency TASS from Rhodes, where he attended the International Forum of Dialogues of Culture, Chizhov said on the Defense Cooperation Agreement:

“I think this is wrong, but this is my personal opinion. Of course, you need to ask the Greek side why they made such a decision. But I do not rule out the possibility that they did so amid tensions between the United States and Turkey. However, this does not mean that this decision is well weighed for the future.:

About the Turkish invasion in northeastern Syria and the US decision to abandon the Kurds, Chizhov commented:

“The problem must be resolved through dialogue. The EU also does not include the government at Damascus and we, of course, do include them. We are ready to mediate between Ankara and the Kurds and between the Kurds and Damascus. We had warned the Kurds that the Americans will abandon them. And here, in Rhodes, I can personally warn the Greeks about it, that they will have the same fate as the Kurds.”

PS On second reading, it was actually Russia that “abandoned” Greece as it refused to print Drachmas in 2015… Just Saying with a good portion of caution and irony.

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